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Who We are

SPE group is one of the fastest growing firms in the automotive aftermarket and have a wide range of products in its umbrella.

Manufacturing Facility

Our manufacturing facility is well equipped and provides us with an edge in all areas of product designing, development and manufacturing.​ We have many machineries inhouse such as moulding machine, mixture plants, grinders, oven, drill machine, DP text machine, hardness test machine and many others that give us an edge over our competitors.

Superior Quality

For special tasks


For special Needs


For position

Wide Range

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Increases stopping power

For being informed

Reduces wear and tear

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Features of our products range.

We have a huge range of Brake Pads and Brake Linings for Truck, Trailer, Tractors and other commercial Vehicles. We have varied qualities that inclues both asbestos and asbestos free linings. We have also over 200 brake linings and pads that are ECR -90 Approved suitable for all specific markets around the globe.

Friction formulations meet international requirements for substance of concern (SOC)

Various formulations available to match vehicle specific requirements for harsh conditions

Quality and performance you can trust

Comprehensive range of quality brake pads and lining suitable for all the market

Manufactured to the highest quality specifications using premium materials


We know that packaging is very important in most markets so our in-house designing team is constantly dedicated to improving and upgrading the quality of our boxes and its designs. We also do private labeling for some of our customers with bulk requirements.